iBAHN-Enabled Meetings

Where your properties, customers and technologies all come together seamlessly.

iBAHN-Enabled Meetings

Powering the most successful meetings in the business.

iBAHN is the only global provider of IP platform-based  solutions for the hospitality and meeting industries and has been managing broadband services longer than any other company. Every month, nearly two million travelers and meeting attendees rely on iBAHN to increase productivity, deliver the highest connectivity and ensure the greatest security.

iBAHN Conference Services provide a fully managed network that includes iBAHN hardware, end-to-end Wi-Fi and wired security, an unlimited pool of IP addresses, as well as VPN Certification. This managed network allows for the technology solutions that facilitate every type of meeting you plan, including:
  • Sales Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Corporate Press Conferences/Announcements
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Association Meetings
iBAHN Conference Services not only deliver a fast, robust, and secure Internet connection to any conference venue, but it also offers a variety of head-turning technologies to facilitate communication and seamless presentation.

Internet and Networking Solutions

Static Public IP Address: If you want to connect to a video conferencing camera, a local printer, use a VPN, or other "non-conventional” device—without getting hung up on your firewall—your computer must utilize a static, permanent public IP address. Thanks to this service from iBAHN, your guests will enjoy seamless compatibility with all their equipment, and still operate under our umbrella of security. And because of the iBAHN managed network infrastructure, we can offer your venue a virtually unlimited supply of IP addresses at any time, supporting large tradeshow environments.

Wireless or Wired Connectivity Expansion: No hotel likes to end up helpless when the Internet just doesn’t deliver. And no event planner wants to schedule a conference at a hotel that can’t handle it. With iBAHN connectivity expansion service, technicians can temporarily expand Internet coverage at your property to suit the needs of your incoming guests, inside, outside, or across the street. No one gets turned away, and everyone gets the service they need, wherever they need it.

Dedicated Bandwidth Set Up: The more bandwidth you have, the less you have to worry about your guests slowing down the network connection with high volume use. iBAHN can dedicate a defined amount of bandwidth for your events to ensure that each conference attendee has sufficient connection speed without impacting your property’s guestroom and common area broadband.

Private VLAN Set Up: Private networks are an important security feature for most companies. The iBAHN network lets you set up dynamic private virtual LANs (VLANs) for individual groups. Those inside the VLAN can share files and network together, while being safely independent from all other users. Groups can work together and still access the Internet, while taking advantage of this secure capability.

VPN Certification: iBAHN believes the security of your guests is highly important. In fact, iBAHN is the only managed broadband provider that runs a comprehensive virtual private network (VPN) certification program for corporations. We have certified more than 500 company networks to ensure business travelers are able to use secure remote connections to their corporate networks. Currently, more than 50% of business travelers use VPNs for corporate network access. With the iBAHN Corporate VPN Certification Program, you can be assured that your guests will be able to easily connect when they log on in guest rooms or conference areas. Simply contact us with a corporate contact name, and iBAHN will take care of the rest. (A 30-day advance notice is requested for this service.)

Add-on Services:

Webcasting: Offer your event planners the ability to record and replay their event in a high quality archive format. iBAHN can facilitate webcasting services for any event, and store presentations online, sending streams to servers where they can be accessed and broadcast anywhere in the world at the express convenience of your users.

Videoconferencing: Need to hook up two speakers, one in San Francisco, one in Beijing and display them to audiences worldwide? iBAHN videoconferencing expertise can let you say "yes” to basic and complex videoconferencing requests.
Branded Splash Page: Repetition and visibility are keys to good marketing. With a Branded Splash Page, your guests’ corporate logo and messaging are prominently displayed on a welcome page that event attendees will see when logging onto the Internet. Event managers can also use these pages to offer sponsorship opportunities to event partners, resulting in incremental revenue possibilities at a low additional cost to the event.


On-Site Conference Specialist: We may be in the technology business, but hospitality is about people. We can provide an on-site, certified iBAHN representative to manage your customized event. Our experienced technicians will be on hand for the duration, ensuring that every technical aspect of the conference runs as planned.

Remote Technical Support:  – It is just a phone call away.

Powering the most successful meetings in the business.

  • The freedom to choose from Self-Select or Fully-Managed Conference Solutions
  • Offer flexible, cutting-edge, best-in-class technology to your conference space
  • Provide hands-on network management, solving problems before you even know they were there
  • Cover the vital event Internet necessities: Speed, Reliability, and Security
  • Offer custom solutions like Dedicated Bandwidth, Videoconferencing, and On-Site Conference Specialists to take the strain off thousands of grateful event planners and location managers
  • Generate loyal partnerships, extending to technology, service, and security, all over the globe at thousands of conferences each month

Powering the most successful meetings in the business.

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